Spinika securely integrates with your practice management system and industry partners and providers. Data from multiple sources is collected, cleansed, merged, displayed and made readily available across your business.


Intelligent, intuitive modules utilise information from your practice management system, reducing duplication and time spent on repetitive, granular tasks.

By connecting you directly with our ever-growing network of providers such as the New Zealand Companies Office, Cloudcheck and Secured Signing, Spinika makes it easy to access information and complete tasks quickly.

At the click of a button, real-time information is fed directly to and from our partners and providers. No more trawling through website after website, everything happens within Spinika.

Securely share and digitally sign documents directly with your clients and vice versa, eliminating the multiple copies of the same file across strings of emails.

Your matters become streamlined, quicker and easier to complete, and your clients enjoy a smoother experience. In an increasingly competitive environment, being able to offer clients the benefit of innovative efficiencies will give your firm the edge.

Spinika’s smart modules connect you directly with providers, meaning no more visiting multiple websites for repeat information.

End-to-end AML module

As well as saving time and effort, Spinika’s end-to-end AML/CFT automation module gives you confidence in your firm’s AML compliance. Integrating with your practice management system, the New Zealand Companies Office and Identity Verification Services, the module delivers and populates workflows and forms with the information required and with accuracy. It also means improved task ownership with minimal training, firm-wide visibility and reporting across the entire process. Information is at your fingertips, and in front of you in seconds.

Companies office & client matching

The New Zealand Companies Office is integrated within Spinika, and updated daily. This means that information you need is accessible at the click of a button, rather than having to search the website manually. Spinika automates shareholder and director identification and conflicts of interest, and gives you a fuller picture of your clients’ interests beyond the current matter. Simple, fast and easy.

Integrated digital signing

Sign and seal documents securely within seconds. The integrated digital signing module replaces the insecure and laborious process of signing, scanning hand-written signatures, and importing them into documents. Use it with confidence for financial documents, reports, purchase orders, sales quotes, agreements, forms, letters and more.

Automated letter of engagement

Streamline client engagement. Spinika generates a client and matter-based Letter of Engagement, automatically pre-populated with details that you can personalise and adjust. Combine with Spinika’s integrated digital signing module and client collaboration module to sign and share documents directly with your client with ease.

Client collaboration

Empower your entire organisation and your clients. The client collaboration module is a secure community that allows your firm to control and share information and documents back and forth with your clients. It can be combined with Spinika.me, an easy-to-use app for clients that gives them secure access from anywhere. The high functionality of Spinika.me means clients can use its innovation and service across other areas of their lives.

Biometric identity verification

Save time and give your clients a more streamlined, intuitive onboarding experience. Spinika provides efficient and secure biometric identity verification with CloudCheck for AML and onboarding with just a single click. The returned data and images provide instant results.

Easy system integration

No laborious installations or copying information between systems. Spinika integrates easily with your existing practice management system, accessing and utilising information, files and documents, and blending them with its range of powerful modules.

Simple and quick onboarding

Reduce your risk. The automated onboarding function for new clients initiates the AML workflow, so you get to know your clients and their background before spending valuable time on any matters.

And so much

Spinika is here to help you power up, and in more and more ways. It’s an ever-improving app, and smart and intuitive new modules will be added continuously. Our aim is to provide you with the world’s most functional streamlining tools, to help you achieve more and make your workday easier and more enjoyable.

Connecting Spinika to your existing system is a simple 5-step process. We’ll partner you all the way. And we’ll be there in the future if you need a hand with anything.

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