Reinventing how professional firms engage with their clients.

Spinika is the cloud-based client portal helping legal and other professional firms make communication with clients faster, easier and more secure.

Complex communications require a simple, controllable solution

Designed as a Client portal with an edge, Spinika integrates with your firm's current management system to efficiently share documents and communications with clients, and your client's information and communications with you. Client engagement is enhanced making it easy for you to provide improved service and increased value.

Information, collaboration and trust is at the heart of great professional services

With an emphasis on efficiency, Spinika is reimagining how firms communicate with clients, providing the power of information, collaboration, and trust in one place. Changing the dynamic so professional service providers can focus on what counts - your service.

The future of client portals

The power of Spinika is generated by the Client and the Professional Service firm engaged together in a trusted digital environment sharing the information and documentation required to seamlessly progress life’s important transactions.

Powered by viisConnect from iViis

Spinika is powered by viisConnect, New Zealand and Australia's leading low-code cloud application and services platform.

Available through iViis, viisConnect is built on an enterprise-grade infrastructure and software stack. It provides a high level of functionality, integration, security, accessibility and agile capabilities, supporting commercial and business success and meeting the demands of corporates and government entities.

Discover more about iViis here

Join the Spinika movement

Spinika is transforming how firms communicate and engage with their Clients. Developed into a centralised and simple application, Spinika will help your firm streamline communications to expedite transactions. Do you want the same momentum in your business? Email us below to register your interest, and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible.