Making it easier to do more.Spinika is a cloud-based streamlining platform that empowers law firms and other professional services by making it easier to do more.

Power up:Rather than replacing your existing practice management system, Spinika powers it up with a range of modules that expand its capability and functionality.

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Smart modules:Spinika’s intelligent modules are designed to save you time and effort by taking care of the low-value heavy lifting.

Company wide:Get the edge. Spinika delivers benefits to your entire organisation, freeing up time, increasing profits, and engaging clients with a streamlined, more compelling experience.

Lawyers & admin
Fewer repetitive tasks
Efficient use of time
Intuitive workflows
Task ownership
More billable time
Increase revenue
Organised overview
Confidence in compliance
Business owners
Increase profit
Growth opportunities
Industry leader
Future-proofed operation
Your clients
Exceed expectations
Improve client experience
Self service
Raving fans

Super secure:Security is our highest priority, and we take it very seriously. The Spinika platform provided by iViis is audited to ISO 27001 Security Standard.

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and make it easier
to do more.


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